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Ur skinny petite asian princess.Here is the only way to keep up with me offline, my adventures, see all kinds of explicit things from me daily. Twitter @Gob1ingirl. My stories can range anywhere to NSFW, Sfw, teases, Solo - Boy Girl, hardcore & softcore. It just depends on my mood. chat casually, become more intimate with me... I post 2-5+ times weekly. You can also request custom pics on Weekends!


1) No Screenshotting *Unless you have 1 yr or Life subscription
2) No sharing / reproducing my stories. They are copyrighted to belong to me & stories. (Screenshots for personal use only)

*If you purchase a subscription you agree to these terms & may be banned if any rule is broken.

**I may not back to every msg. But i try to!

Those who unlock 1 year of stories or +, you have Special priveledges: screenshot priveledge & Msging perks & permission to send me Pics111111