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My name is Velma but you can call me Vel or mistress/goddess/miss/nymph. I'm introvertive offline but I love to realize my social skills here so I'm always open for conversations. I love to exlpore new fetishes and kinks, furthemore I study for psycology and one day I wish to study sexology. I find it useful. I adore to perform JOI and some top-bdsm stuff. I'm bi! I'm always respectful to your needs and it's important for me you to treat me with respect too. I'm not your sex toy but a friend and a teacher. My english skills are not perfect but I love to practice it so I talk out loud mostly on my broadcasts.
Sometimes I do cosplay or originals. Would love to see your feedback to my looks cause I try to make it perfect and my appearance is a part of my shows.

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